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Loan Requests & Enquiries

Complete the form below to request a loan or make an inquiry.


  1. The lender will abide by all copyright restrictions stated on library resources. 

  2. AFG Library resources are soley for the use of AFG Members residing in NSW.

  3. The lender is responsible for all postage costs associated with returning borrowed items.

  4. The loan period for all items is 6 weeks. 

  5. The lender shall return to the library all borrowed items by the due date.

  6. Upon the librarian's request the lender shall return promptly borrowed items to the library.

  7. A lender may have on loan, at any time, a maximum of 3 catalogued items.

  8. Loan extensions must be approved by the librarian.

  9. The lender is solely responsible for promptly and safely returning all items she/he has borrowed. Failure to do so shall result in suspension of their lending rights.

  10. Unreturned, incomplete, defaced, damaged, or lost items will incur a resource replacement fee: which is the current market value of each item, plus a $35 administration fee.

  11. If the item(s) in question cannot be replaced the lender shall pay to the AFG Library:

  • $175 for each audio-visual item

  • $100 for each book/manual

  • $50 for each journal

  • Plus a $35 administration fee

Sucess. Your message has been submitted.

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